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This site has been setup to allow access to four systems and counting in the Atlanta area and has done so for over 3 years and counting. It's been a labor of love - a lot of work (and money!) has gone into the recording and hosting sides of this project.

Due to repeated abuse, all users are required to register an account and login before they can access calls. Absolutely no automated access of any kind is permitted without express written consent of the administration team. Every system/tool/feature provided by the TT team (including this site and any future iterations thereof), is provided ONLY for NON-COMMERCIAL use unless otherwise stated.

This is just one of many tools we have deployed to monitor public safety radio. Custom feeds, mobile-friendly access, bulk data, and enhanced research tools are available - reach out to pubadmin at trunktrio dotcom with your requirements and we would be happy to help. We love our friends in the research and journalism spaces!

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